I'm Hayden and I create illustrations that make people smile.

I also help designers and illustrators get better at what they do.

Instrument Families
A playful educational poster that's free for music teachers everywhere!
Space Friends
The planets are throwing a party—even Pluto is invited!
Course Covers
The wonderfully bright art I've made for my ongoing series of illustration tutorials.
Browse safely with ProxyServer's newest armada of bots!
Some Assembly Required
Ever feel a little... Robotic?
Hobbit Holes
Because there aren't enough Lord of the Rings patterns out there.
Spirit Zoo
Some people have a spirit animal. Why not nine?
Invasion of the Body Snackers
Hide your pickles!
Goodie Bag
Bits and pieces that I enjoyed making way to much not to share.
Exhibition piece for the Little Labs Mythology show.
Animations to aid Bridebook in their official launch.
Three Robots
This trio of robots awaits their orders.