Making things to help you make things.

I owe all that I’m capable of to the amazing teachers, books and tutorials I’ve come across in my life. I understand the importance of quality, accessible education—especially for artists that never stop improving. It’s with this in mind that I pour a considerable amount of my time into the following.

Since early 2016 I have been creating video courses on various illustration and design topics. To date these courses have been taken by 20,000+ people and been featured all over the web.
My courses can be found on Happy Faces on Everything and Skillshare.
1-on-1 is the best way to learn. If you are feeling unfulfilled in your work, looking for feedback or finding trouble in any other area of your career, it’s amazing what a single conversation can do. I say this not only as someone offering these services but one who consistently seeks them. Whether it's a one-time call or something more long term, I highly recommend this option if you're looking for a serious breakthrough.
Newsletter, Tutorials and More
In addition to the above I have an on-going series of 60-second tutorials, run a Slack community of 400+ and curate a newsletter designed specifically to help artists make their best work. I've also been known to stream my process on Twitch here and there.