Hello, I'm Hayden.

Living in Toronto, Canada, I work as a freelance illustrator and graphic designer. In addition to that, I am one of the top teachers on Skillshare.com with over 1,000 people taking my classes each month. But this is pretty surface-level stuff. If you want to know me better, scroll on down ;)

So you want to know more, huh?
In 2013 I graduated from a three year program in Graphic Design. After working at a few different studios throughout Toronto I moved to London, England to pursue a life of travel. Well, it didn't disappoint! 2 years and 22 countries later I found myself with a pretty satiated sense of wanderlust (at least for the time being) but a lacking of fulfilment in what I do. While I was incredibly fortunate to be working with some great agencies as a designer in the UK, I lost touch with the thing I loved most—illustration. From there I decided to move back to Toronto and pursue the work of my dreams.
Today I work as a freelancer on projects that combine design and illustration. In addition to this I have made art education a big part of my life as I continue to not only teach others but take on many art courses myself. Creatively, I've been more fulfilled than ever!
But I've also learned in this process that life isn't just about art (don't hurt me design community). In fact, I can pride myself on being a sort of hobby collector. When I'm not working I can be found practicing parkour, reading, solving puzzles, bouldering, lockpicking, travelling, playing board games and yes, being a dungeon master. And if you have a certain activity you're mighty fond of, introduce me—I'm always looking for more ;)
Here are some places I've shown up in the media